Turnkey projects

This type of project includes all the phases by which a work must travel, where its main objective is to provide Indoor / Outdoor coverage technologies: GSM / DMR / P25 / Tetra / Tetrapol / Cellular / WIFI certain infrastructures or facilities that do not have coverage, due to its construction or its geographical location. This type of project is managed and is undertaken from its first phases, which are the rethinking and taking of the coverage measures in the specific site, going through the design, calculation, optimization and installation of the system.

Lambda Antenas is leader in carrying out projects of turnkey Coverage, both Indoor and Outdoor.

• Stakeout and previous coverage measurements, calculations and pre-project, supply, installation and system integration.

• Coverage solutions for all technologies: Cellular, WIFI, VHF, UHF and TETRA

• Most requested scenarios example: Tunnels, Parkings, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Offices and Warehouses, Rural Estates, Hydroelectric Power Plants, Electric Substations, Wind Farms and Villages.

Lambda is able to provide preventive and corrective maintenance services for coverage systems already implemented.


At Lambda Antenas, we are completely focused on quality, implementing an integrated management system based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard, from 2015, a fundamental requirement in manufacturing processes that allows us to offer a better service to our customers.


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